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 Never feel like you fit in?

You’re in the right place.
We Are All Superheroes! is a safe space for all of us marvellous misfits — geeks, queer folk*, artists, poets, mystics, sceptics, philosophers [or add your own variety here].
It’s a place for us to come together and share our journey of LIBERATION, an invitation and a challenge to you to step up, to earn your superhero costume, to activate your special powers.
I’m Elinor Predota, and I’m your guide here at We Are All Superheroes! The community default icon? It’s supposed to be me as a superhero (courtesy of Marvel’s “create your own superhero” app and © Marvel). I don’t really look like that. I actually look like this:
Not very superhero-ish, am I?
But where I am like my alter ego, is that I do battle with bad guys every day.
My personal bad guys are depression, disconnection, exhaustion, fibro-fog, pain, lack of money, prejudice (other people’s and my own), self-sabotage and — underlying them all – fear.
Liberation is about making more and clearer space in your life to feel alive.
It isn't about fixing things so you never have to deal with bad guys again - after all, you're a superhero: supervillains are part of the deal. What liberation is, is getting better and quicker at holding the bad guys back, at making more and clearer space in your life to feel alive, to be present, and to experience and share love.
I know you’re doing battle with your own bad guys, too. What are their names? Comment here, join the community and let’s get to know one another.
* I use the term “queer folk” to include people who are lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, gay, trans, genderqueer, intersex, poly, kinky or any combination thereof.


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